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pays des collinesThe beautiful regions ‘Les Pays des Collines’ and the Flemish Ardennes are ideal for cycling, horse-riding, hikes,  culinary trips, folklore, regional products, etc…

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There are many cycling and walking trails in the regions. In the practical guide that you receive upon arrival, you will find maps of the most popular  trails.  You can also visit the tourist office in Ellezelles for more useful information.

SAMSUNG CSCCycling races

There is no other region on earth that hosts so many professional cycling races then the region of Les Bonneteries.  Up to  15 UCI races pass through the region, the most famous of which is of course ‘de Ronde van Vlaanderen’.
Besides the professional races you can also participate in dozens of non-professional races. Our region is known to host hundreds of cycling tourists who want to measure themselves with our legendary hills. Feel free to become one of them!

Top restaurants

This is just a small sample of the enormous range:


sorcires_ellezelles_1_9‘Le Pays des Collines’ is known for its witches, Agatha Christie, etc. There are events the whole year through but these are the ones you should not miss:

  • Sabbat des sorcières Ellezelles: Witches’ Sabbath on the last Saturday of June
  • Fêtes historiques du Festin Lessines : historical feast the first weekend of September
  • Carnaval Ronse: early January

Regional products

  • Brasserie Quintine (the most famous witch of Ellezelles)
  • The donkey farm and all related beauty products


There are also a number of museums in the neighbourhood

Cities, less than 30 mins drive

Ronse (8KM), Lessines (12KM), Oudenaarde (20KM), Ath (20KM), Doornik (35KM).

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